SFVA DOM Administration

SFVA Main Number 415-221-4810

VA DOM Leadership Team

Name Email Phone
Kenneth McQuaid, MD
Vice Chair of Medicine 
Chief of Medical Service
[email protected]  x 22610
Josue Zapata, MD
Associate Chief, Medical Service
j[email protected]  x 22643

Heather Nye, MD, PhD
Associate Chief, Medical Service  

[email protected] x 23287
Susan Wlodarczyk, MD
Inpatient Site Director, UCSF Medicine Residency
[email protected] x 25281
Priya Joshi
Associate Chief of Staff for Clinical Informatics
[email protected] x 23424

UCSF Department of Medicine Administrative Staff

Name Email Phone
Maxine Davis
Director of Administration UCSF/SFVA
[email protected] 831-205-3150
Jessica Duarte
UCSF Lead Research Administrator
[email protected] 760-694-4845
Michael Mann
UCSF Lead Research Administrator
[email protected] 415-735-1627
Lisa McNichol
Research Administrator
[email protected] 415-489-0187
Brenda Perez-Martinez
Lead Research Administrator
[email protected] 510-621-7151
Susana Torres
HR and Education Officer
[email protected] 623-252-4846

SFVA Medical Service Administrative Staff

Name  Email Phone
Nelson Sierra, MS
Business Manager, Medical Service
[email protected] x 24553
Andrew Harris
Medical Support Assistant Supervisor
[email protected] x 23186
Renee Sanchez
Assistant to the Vice Chair
[email protected] x 22533
Sharon Clayton
Program Specialist for Education
[email protected] 22612